Ephemera: Fauxboys (1939)

These faux-cowboys are certainly stacked-up with great gear -- the back row has a '30s Harmony flattop, big old piano accordion, and two tenor banjos of indeterminate origin (is the smoker playing a Gibson?). The front row sports a Kalamazoo KG-21 or similar (headstock looks like it's in reflection), a National played "Hawaiian" (but with a 14-fret "Spanish" neck), and some other brand of archtop -- the narrow-ish neck, curved headstock top, and single dots down the board make it look a bit like an Epiphone.

Ephemera: Young Ambitions (1920s)

...or maybe it's the '30s? Anyhow, the Sandstrom banjo uke is a nice novelty in this shot -- which is from California, where the vast majority of Sandstrom jo-ukes are still found (and were sold).